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Britain in Bloom 2018

The awards for Britain In Bloom 2018 took place in Belfast on 19th October 2018.

Lytham in Bloom was awarded Gold in the Small Coastal Category

In Bloom 2018

Presentation of trophies took place at Southport Theatre and Convention Centre on 2nd November 2018.

Here is a list of the successful entries and the award they received.

NWIB Discretionary awards

  • Environmental Award for Schools: Lytham Hall Park School in partnership with Lytham Hall Park Nursery
  • Grow Your Own Award: Lytham Hall Kitchen and Apiary
  • Environmental Quality Award: Fylde Borough Council
  • Best Railway Station: Friends of Lytham Station
  • Outstanding Contribution: Beryl Smith, Elswick in Bloom
  • Outstanding Contribution: Trish Craig, Staining in Bloom

RHS Discretionary Awards

  • RHS Parks Award: Ashton Gardens, St Annes
  • RHS Parks Award: Lowther Gardens, Lytham
  • RHS Parks & Green Spaces Award: Lowther Gardens, Lytham

North West in Bloom Awards

  • Best Caravan Park: Lama Leach Caravan Park, Freckleton – Gold Medal 
  • Best Small Accommodation: The Queens Hotel, Lytham – Gold  Medal
  • Best Residential Accommodation: Braxfield Court, St Annes – Gold Medal
  • Best Residential Accommodation NWIB Category Winner: Braxfield Court, St Annes
  • Best Small Tourist Attraction: Lytham Hall Kitchen Garden  & Apiary, Lytham
  • Best Small Tourist Attraction Category Winner: Lytham Hall Kitchen Garden & Apiary
  • Best Large Coastal Resort: St Annes on the Sea in Bloom – Gold Medal
  • Best Large Coastal Resort NWIB Category Winner: St Annes on the Sea in Bloom
  • Best Small Coastal Resort: Lytham in Bloom – Gold Medal
  • Best Small Coastal Resort NWIB Category winner: Lytham in Bloom
  • Best Urban Community: Ansdell in Bloom - Gold Medal
  • Best Small Village: Little Eccleston with Larbreck in Bloom  - Silver Gilt
  • Best Small Village NWIB Category Winner: Little Eccleston with Larbreck in Bloom
  • Best Village: Elswick in Bloom – Gold Medal
  • Best Village NWIB Category Winner: Elswick in Bloom                         
  • Best Large Village:  Staining in Bloom – Gold Medal
  • Best Large Village:  Wrea Green in Bloom - Silver Gilt Medal
  • Best Small Town: Freckleton in Bloom – Gold Medal
  • Best Small Town: Bloomin' Warton - Silver Gilt Medal
  • Best Town: Kirkham in Bloom - Gold Medal

North West In Bloom Information

North West in Bloom is an annual competition, that comes under the umbrella of the National Britain in Bloom competition, where areas are judged by horticultural and environmental experts. The judges assess the competing areas on 3 key elements:

Horticultural Achievement


Environmental Responsibility


Community Participation


All the competing areas have a pro-active community group that steers the improvements and raises funds. Joining your local community groups, not only helps to improve your local environment, but it also enables you to meet new people and learn new skills. If you think you may be interested, please contact Amy Docherty, Parks Development Officer Tel 01253 658526, Email: amy.docherty@fylde.gov.uk

Further details on any of the above, please contact:
Amy Docherty, Parks Development Officer Tel 01253 658526, Email: amy.docherty@fylde.gov.uk