Fylde Coastal Strategy

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Fylde Coastal Strategy

The purpose of the Fylde’s Coastal Strategy and Action Plan is to present a vision for the regeneration of Fylde’s 18 km coastline stretching from Starr Gate to Savick Brook establishing a network of green infrastructure (green and blue space) along the coast.

Doing this will involve the collation and coordination of current strategies and policy objectives for green infrastructure, coastal protection, water quality, nature and landscape conservation, habitat improvement, heritage assets, place making, culture, leisure, sport and recreation, the visitor economy, access and transportation, marketing, promotion and publicity and develop high level actions to address the major issues affecting the Fylde Coast.

The Strategy identifies and develops high-level key actions, addresses the major issues affecting the Fylde Coast and applies these Key Actions to specific zones.

  • Zone 1 Starr Hills Dunes and Beaches

  • Zone 2 St Anne’s on the Sea

  • Zone 3 Fairhaven Sand Dunes

  • Zone 4 Fairhaven Lake, Gardens and Granny’s Bay.

  • Zone 5 Lytham Heritage Coast

  • Zone 6 Warton, Freckleton, Clifton and Lancaster Canal

The Strategy aims to give a detailed overview of the many factors that should be taken into account to inform a plan of implementation aimed at the protection, restoration, regeneration, conservation, development and management of the natural and built environment appropriate to the particular area of coastline.

The Council recognises that whilst delivering and developing this strategy, there are a wide range of groups organisations and businesses that have specific roles, responsibilities and interests in the ‘development’ of this coastline. The adoption of the Coastal Strategy in 2015 creates a single document that will provide a platform for joint working and coordinated action. It will focus attention on maximising opportunities and draw together partners including the voluntary sector who play a major role in enhancing the character of the Borough. It will allow for the initiation of activities to deliver specific projects with the community taking a major role on how the coast develops. In addition, the protection and enhancement of this coastline presents major economic opportunities for the future.

For further information contact the Head of Technical Services on 01253 658465 or email darren.bell@fylde.gov.uk