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Online Corporate Plan 2016-20
(Interactive version of our Corporate Plan 2016-20 providing performance data captured which contribute to our five corporate priorities for Fylde (powered by InPhase)

To deliver excellent services and achieve the outcomes that our communities want and need, we have to continually review, challenge and improve what we do. To understand what changes to make and where improvements are needed, we have to be good at managing our performance. We monitor our performance to make sure the council continues to deliver value for money to local taxpayers. We also check to make sure our services are on target and that we fulfil our promises to you.

Fylde Council Corporate Plan

A Corporate Plan is the council’s main strategic document for any council – the blueprint for how it will meet the challenges and make the most of the opportunities over the next 5 years. The plan outlines the council’s vision for a range of local services through to 2020, together with the steps that it will take to achieve that vision.

Councils are expected in 2020 to look very different from today, with different parts of the public sector becoming more integrated in their approach – pooling resources, sharing staff and assets – to provide better services to residents and reduce bureaucracy.

As the council faces the changes ahead, our Corporate Plan 2016-20 reiterates a continuing commitment to ensuring the effective actions are in place to deliver our five priorities.

  • VALUE FOR MONEY - Spending your money in the most efficient way to achieve excellent services
  • CLEAN & GREEN - Delivering the services that customers expect of an excellent council
  • A VIBRANT ECONOMY - Working with all partners
  • A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE - To make sure Fylde continues to be one of the most desirable places to live
  • A GREAT PLACE TO VISIT - Promoting Fylde as a great destination to visit

Our plan makes it clear what the council will do over the next years to improve the local community in line with what the local community wants. The quality of life for everyone in the borough must continue to improve in order for Fylde to remain one of the best areas in the country to live, work and play.