Consort to the Deputy Mayor of Fylde - Mr Steve Barker

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Consort to the Deputy Mayor of Fylde - Mr Steve Barker

I was born in 1948 in Brierfield, Lancashire and brought up in the area, attending Nelson Grammar School, then Westminster University for a Diploma in Journalism before attending Keele University.

My wife Jan and I were married in London in the mid-Seventies. Most of my career has been spent in the UK Civil service, working on the front line of Social Security, in the resettlement of homeless men, staff training and Information technology; latterly I worked in London for the Treasury’s Office of Government Commerce. In 2002 I began an assignment in Beijing for the British Council, managing a Social Security project on behalf of the Department of International Development followed by a second project in China with the European Union before returning to the UK in 2011.

Starting in 1978 I have been a freelance producer and broadcaster for the BBC, since 1984 with BBC Radio Lancashire presenting the underground music programme “On the Wire”. I have also been a columnist and contributor for The Wire magazine since 1996.

These days most of the spare time Jan and I manage to get is spent in entertaining one or more of our nine grandchildren. I know Jan and I will have a very busy schedule in helping the Mayor Peter Collins and the Mayoress Caroline, but I am really looking forward to doing the best I can in making sure they have a successful year.