Fylde Community Safety Partnership

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The Fylde Community Safety Partnership (CSP) which was created as a result of a statutory requirement under the Crime and Disorder Act, 1998, is committed to multi-agency problem solving and delivering balanced and comprehensive solutions to tackle crime and disorder.
Every council in the country has its own CSP - which is made up from six responsible authorities. In Fylde this includes:

In 2016 the CSP implemented a new set of 3 year priorities. These focused on reducing violent crime, domestic abuse and road safety. The overarching priority is focused on reducing crime but there are now new challenges which present themselves including child sexual exploitation, internet crime and organised criminality. Reducing the three recognised types of anti-social behavior (ASB) prevalent in Fylde was also prioritised, including personal; nuisance and environmental ASB.

To meet all these challenges the CSP have a local Community Safety Partnership Plan. The plan is designed to reflect our local priorities and to clearly evidence our commitment to work in partnership through established thematic delivery groups.

The list of priorities were evidenced through the statutory Strategic Assessment 2015 process and the Community Safety Partnership have endorsed the following community safety priorities for 2016 to 2019: -

  • Violent Crime (in particular alcohol related)
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Sexual Offences (including child sexual exploitation)
  • Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Road Safety
  • The Community Safety Partnership and its thematic groups are responsible for local delivery against the above priorities and the Community Partnership priorities will be reviewed annually.

Community Safety Partnerships are legislated to conduct a Domestic Homicide Review where it is determined that a qualifying case has occurred.

The Police and Justice Act 2006 requires local authorities to have in place arrangements to scrutinise the functioning of the local Community Safety Partnership annually. In Fylde this is fulfilled by reporting to the Environmental Health and Housing Committee.

For more information about the Community Safety Partnership, please call Fylde Borough Council, on 01253 658658 or email listening@fylde.gov.uk