A Combined Authority

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A Combined Authority

Proposed Combined Authority for Lancashire – consultation closed
The consultation is now closed and response from the public has been generally positive. Councillors in local authorities across Lancashire will now consider whether they want to pursue the matter further. Fylde Council’s meeting will be held on 11 April.

You can see the results of the consultation here.

What is a Combined Authority?
Lancashire's councils already work closely together but a combined authority is a formal, legal step that means councils can act as one authority in the best interests of Lancashire around the areas of economic regeneration, housing and transport.

A combined authority is:
• a formal, legal step to allow councils to work more closely together in a more structured way
• a move to improve economic development, skills and transport to benefit the whole county.

A combined authority is not:
• a merger or take-over of councils or a unitary council
• a giving-up of powers by individual councils.

The creation of a Combined Authority is something that is being replicated across the country with many bids already approved by the Government.

What are the benefits of becoming a combined authority?

A combined authority means that councils can work as one democratically accountable body around the key areas of economic development, regeneration and transport to:
• avoid duplication and provide more efficient services
• create a stronger basis for bidding for Government and EU money
• make best use of council and Government money
• speed up decision-making.

A combined authority could streamline services, be more transparent and efficient, and make it easier for Lancashire to attract investment and jobs.

Documents to download

FAQs - Combined Authority for Lancashire
Results of the public consultation
Council report on the Combined Authority
Scheme of Governance
Governance review

Next steps
Councillors in Fylde will take a decision on 11 April as to whether they want to progress to submitting formal bid to Central Government.