Shale Gas Information

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Lancashire County Council is the Minerals and Waste Planning Authority for Lancashire. 

Fylde Borough Council is a consultee only, and does not determine Waste or Mineral planning applications including Shale Gas or 'Fracking' related applications.

The Development Management Group is responsible for monitoring, protecting and regulating the use of land for mineral (mines and quarries) and waste management (landfill/land raising, recycling, composting, waste water treatment) developments, and for the County Council's own developments (schools, libraries, highways) through the determination of planning applications. It also investigates related breaches of planning control. This involves implementing European, national, regional and local planning policies.

Please note that information on applications for all other types of development including new buildings, extensions, alterations and changes of use of existing buildings or land, can be found here

Click on the links below to find more about development management and how to contact the Lancashire County Council Development Management Group: