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Food allergies, intolerances and coeliac disease are thought to affect more than three million people in the UK, and in severe cases it can be life threatening or result in death. The UK is one of the top three countries in the world for the highest incidence of allergy (The Allergenic Invasion, 1999). Hospital admissions due to food allergies in the UK increased by 500% between 1990 and 2007 (Gupta, 2007). There is also cost to the UK economy, in terms of lost work days due to illness related to allergy and intolerance.

The food safety team at Fylde Council along with the FSA would like to highlight how you the Owners, managers and staff in the food manufacturing business can get as much information and training to do with food allergies and intolerances.

What’s your allergy IQ? Take the quiz...!

Think you know all there is to know about allergies and intolerances? Take the quiz from NHS Choices to find out just how much you know. Do encourage your family and friends to take this too so you can compare results. Tweet or Facebook us to tell us how you did!

Below is a collection of resorces to help raise awareness and training as well as an outline to the FREE Food Allergy Traning from the FSA.

 Food Allergy: What you need to know. (PDF Download)

Think Allergy poster (PDF Poster Download)

Allergy – What to consider when labelling food - A guide for small businesses that make or sell pre-packed food (PDF Download)

The provision of allergen information for non pre-packed foods(PDF Download)

(Adobe Reader - ie PDF) 

*Please note that this guidance will be revised shortly to include information on the Food Information Regulation 2014. However, the content is still relevant until 13 December 2014.

Please can you make colleagues aware of these publications, and urge them to read and use it.
The following are now available:
*Advice on allergen labelling on prepacked foods
*Advice on allergen labelling on non-prepacked foods
*Think Allergy poster – for non-prepacked foods
*Chef card for consumers (of non-prepacked foods)

Revised  Guidance now under related downloads at the top right of this page

Food Allergy Training overview of course

What is the food allergy training tool? It is an interactive too developed by the Agency to ensure that good practice, especially pertaining to food allergy, is used in the manufacture and production of food. The tool has recently been updated to include information on the new Food Information Regulations requirements which come into force from December 2014.

Food allergy training Who is it meant for? 

Owners, managers and staff in the food manufacturing and catering sector  will find it a useful tool to help them find out more about food allergy.

What does the course content cover?

The course consists of six modules:
• current and incoming rules and legislation (including information on the new EUFIC requirements)
• the effects that allergies have in the body
• considerations of allergies in the factory
• how allergenic ingredients should be displayed on the label
• identifying allergens in example of dishes in the restaurant
• how food businesses should be providing consumers with allergen information about the non-prepacked food they serve
Food businesses can select modules most appropriate for them. You can also access useful resources such as links, downloads and external sites with useful information.

Spread awareness of the FSA allergy training tool please pass the word about this FREE training.

FREE Allergy Training Tool